It is the Martian's turn

Martian Terraforming ship docked on continues to fight for our species, the martians may well claim the planet.

You Have won



The end goal of Down To Earth is to get 12 points before your opponent.
You can do this by obtaining cards that have a point value.
You obtain cards by using your tokens, which you can have a maximum of 10 at a time.
Every turn, you can take any 3 tokens.
Obtaining any cards including cards that do not have a point value will decrease the amount of a specific tokens you have to use to obtain new cards.
If you would like to watch our tutorial video, you can find it here.




In the year 2020 mankind discovered that the sun had dangerous energy brewing within it, which would be released in a catastrophic explosion in 30 years. So the world banded together to create a terraforming technology which would make them a ‘New Earth!’. However the Martians, hiding deep beneath their planet's surface who had equal technological advancements, needed a new planet to to escape from the imminent disaster... You are a skilled terraformer recruited by the world’s governments to terraform as many new planets as possible in a new galaxy found close to ours. However the Martians have the same idea. So your challenge is to beat them to it before it’s too late!

About Us

We are a group of four students from the same school in Australia who are working to create great educational video games to enter in YICTE (Young ICT explorers) and STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) competitions. Our team consists of individuals talented in their fields. These include two coders with 10 years experience combined, a musician with 6 years experience and a computer artist with 2 years experience.